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More families will have the chance to call the Nor’West home thanks to three new Special Housing Areas announced by the Government and Auckland Council today.

Upper Harbour MP Paula Bennett says over 400 new properties can be expected in the streamlined and fast-tracked developments.

150-160 homes are expected in the Hobsonville Point (Catalina Precinct) and Marine Industry Precinct Extension on a 13.67 hectare site. The 9.20 hectare Moire Road, Massey site is expected to deliver 175-200 homes. Ockleston Landing, Hobsonville is a 3.61 hectare site and will see 70-80 homes.

“I’m thrilled with this announcement because it means more Aucklanders can get on the property ladder and will give a big boost to our already booming local economy,” says Mrs Bennett.

“It’s easy to see why so many people want to live in this area. We’ve got fantastic schools, businesses are booming, we’ve got a stunning natural environment right on our doorstep, and the growing transport infrastructure means our products and people are linked up to the rest of the city.

“The Government is relentless in its drive to improve the supply of housing in Auckland. Special Housing Areas like these three are only one part of the solution.

“We’re also reducing building materials costs, reining in development contributions, cutting compliance costs and investing in improved sector productivity.

“Our new $435 million HomeStart support package, which came into effect last April, will help 90,000 people into home ownership over the next five years. If you’re interested in how this can help you purchase your first home, please get in touch with my office.”

11 new areas across Auckland also announced today are expected to deliver a further 4,100 homes.

“As one of your local MPs, I’m constantly advocating for the Nor’West to be at the front of the queue for anything that will increase our housing supply and support the local economy,” Mrs Bennett says.

For more information about today’s Special Housing Area announcement, visit https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/new-special-housing-areas-deliver-4500-more-homes-auckland

For information about how the HomeStart housing support package can help you into your first home, contact paula.bennettmp@parliament.govt.nz

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